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Contract farming

Contract farming is halfway between vertical integration and spot market (financial instruments or commodities are traded for immediate delivery). It implies a double commitment: –  The farmer commits himself to produce according to the buyers need –  The buyer commits himself to honor is promises of giving support to the […]

The house cricket’s lifecycle

First, it’s important to note that insects are poikolitherms, or cold-blooded, animals. This means they are dependent on their environment when it comes to their development and metabolism. After the mating process, cricket females lay their eggs in humid soil using their ovipositor. It can then be covered with bran […]

Khepri: an innovative and social business model 2

Summary The entomophagy market is still confidential; therefor it is permitted to be inventive and audacious. Countries with an entomphagous culture are often poor or developing countries The lack of capital prevents the development of entrepreneurship and of a quality commerce On an unusual market, companies with high social orientation […]